IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Childhood Toys

No childhood is complete if you don’t have toys to play with. Being such an obvious thing in the lives of children, it is very likely that you may get some questions related to toys in Part I of the IELTS speaking section. This time we are having a look at some of the questions and their possible answers.

Did you played with toys when you were a child?

Yes, of course. I enjoyed playing with toys as a kid. I remember playing with bey blade with all my gang and having those chats about whose beyblade was the best.

What other kind of toys did you liked to play with?

I loved playing cards, the ones with WWE or a sportsperson in it. We used to collect those cards and then exchange cards, play with them. I still remember, once we had a competition for who has the highest number of cards and I won in it.

In you country, do boys and girls play with the same toys?

If you look at it at a larger scale, no they don’t. Most girls prefer, barbie dolls or the other outdoor games like Kho-kho or i spy. With boys, it is more about video games and collecting cards or playing cricket outside. However, I think there are both sets of people. Some girls prefer video games and bey blade as well while some boys do love kho-kho as well.

Do you think toys help children to learn?

Definitely yes. There is so much one can learn if it is done right. So, with toys they learn to invent new games. They learn how to play in a team and then how to be competitive as well. These are big words but I think it is these games that help the children realise, once they grow that in life it is the small things that bring the biggest happiness.

I am a little sceptical about it. I think it is not only toys that help but there are so many things that teach a child. More importantly, it is not about toys or games, but about how they play it or with whom they. A pack of card is of no use if the child has no one to play with.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Toys

Toys have always been and shall always remain the most important thing for children. Be it a barbie doll or a car, they kids love them and enjoy playing them. Although, however, toys have surely changed with time. Where one time, children played with toys like cars or bikes, they now prefer PX4 or for that matter watch game of thrones. This time we are looking at some sample questions that can be asked in the IELTS section 2 of speaking.

Describe a childhood toy that was special to you.

You should say :

  • what it was
  • who gave it to you
  • how you played with it

explain why it was special for you.


I have had many toys in my childhood during the different phases of life. Be it barbie dolls or the cars or for that matter the Kitchen set!! However, among them all, the one that I preferred was my teddy bear. There were so many times in childhood that I felt like talking to someone and it was my teddy bear I always find my solace in.

I think just like most other kids even I found it funny. I remember, my mother got me a teddy bear for my birthday. It was so different from other stuffed bears. It was so much more fluffy and it was huge. Also, the colour , well I was in love with that bear. He was just like a friend I would talk to and have fun with. There have been endless stories that I have shared with him. And then he has been there when I used to cry.

There were so many days I had a fight with my mother or my brother and when nothing worked out, I used to simply go out and vent my anger into the bear. Apart from it, me and my friends used to bring their teddy bears along with them and we used to have fun laughing and fighting with or dressing up our bears.

I think the one reason I was in love with the teddy bear was because it made me feel at home. There were no fears with it, no chance of any scolding. It could keep all my secrets and I could just carry on with life, enjoying every bit of it.




IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Humour On TV

Humour has been and still remains the most important part of our lives. What kind of life is lived without any humour in it. This time however, we are moving around questions that are related to humour on tv. These questions can be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

What type of programmes do you find funny on Television?

I am a true blue romantic when it comes to television. So, when others find jokes on particular things funny, I love it when two people in love fight. I find it really funny. The sweet love fights, I simply enjoy them. I remember, watching television serials like Kitanni Mohobbat Hai, Dill Mill Gaye, the kind of serials that were more like romcom. Apart from this, I love sarcastic comedy. The one in which the literal word said has nothing much to do but the meaning behind is amazing.

What types of programmes are most popular in your country?

Most of the people in my country have seen a shift from television to You tube and that is for sure. People now are much more interested in seeing the new web series by AIB or TVF than probably a new television series. But, for those who do watch television, there are different tastes. So, the young loves watching cricket or any other sport for that matter. Or some reality shows. People who have grown up a little bit, I think prefer drama. But, it happens vice versa as well. But, anything that makes them laugh or cry goes down well with my country men.

Do you like to make people laugh?

Yes, I do love to make people laugh. I think it is one of the most beautiful art to be able to make others laugh. For me, it is not always a planned thought process. May be my blatancy makes people laugh. Sometimes my responses to their problems make them laugh. But is is always good that even if you are not able to solve someone’s problem at least an attempt to make them feel lighter about it.

Do you think it is important for anyone to have a sense of humour?

I think definitely yes. Having a sense of humour, towards everything in life ,including yourself helps take things and life in a very beautiful perspective. It is only a person with a certain sense of humour who can deal with life in a more beautiful manner. Also, I believe, not only it helps in dealing with life it does makes life so much more better to live in than it actually is.

Do you think insult comedy is the right way of making others laugh?

Too an extent it is right. Sometimes people do take insult way too seriously than it should have been and people do insult in manners that really hurt. But, when it comes to small and not so serious insults, I think there is not much issue with it and there should neither be. However, with things getting serious and when people pin point on the same things or make only insultive comedy, I think that is when the problem begins.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Mathematics

Mathematics has been one of the most dreaded subject of all times. There surely have been some people who loved math but then there have been many who have been scared of math more than anything in their lives. This time we are looking at some of the questions that can be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

When did you start learning math?

Math was a compulsory subject in our school and  I have been learning it since the day I joined school. However, it was only during my boards exam that I really fell in love with math.

Do you like math?

I would say, yes I do but then it is surely not the only thing that is in my favorite list. If there is anything I love more than math than it has to be English. So, yes I do love math and its problems but for me, English takes priority between the two.

Who taught you math?

There have been many school teachers all through my life who tried teaching me math but I think the one person who really taught me how to learn and do math was my father. He taught me well in the earlier days of my childhood how to study and solve math problems efficiently.

Who has been your favourite math teacher so far?

Among all the math teachers that I ever had, I think the one whom I can consider as my favourite would be Mrs. Monica. She was my teacher during the graduation days and the way she taught math was amazing. Not only did she made the topic clear but also made sure that we did understand everything well. I still remember going to her for doubts and with that one single doubt she cleared so many others.

Is math difficult for you to learn?

I believe just like so many other amazing things in life, it takes lot of patience to learn math. Not only patience, one must have a keen desire to learn it. Because, initially math does poses people with problems that are hard to solve. There are some problems that may force you to leave the subject, but then once the difficult phase has gone by, I do believe that math can truly guide a person in his or her life.

Do you like to use calculator?

I do use calculator and also prefer using it when there are difficult calculations to be made and it will consume lot of time there. But, for simpler arithmetic problems, calculator is something I don’t require. Definitely, however, I feel that it is great to have a calculator by your side to help you solve the difficult calculations.

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