Test Grammar Skills


In each pair of sentences one is wrong and one is correct. Find the one you think is correct and then check the with the Answer Key.
Now go on and test grammar skills. (Try not looking at the answers)

Test Grammar Skills

Test Grammar Skills

  1. a. I study about engineering | b. I study engineering
  2. a. The movie was very funny | b. The movie was very fun
  3. a. I went many places on my holiday | b. I went to everywhere on my holiday
  4. a. I am exciting too much | b. I am very excited
  5. a. Many temples beautiful | b. Many beautiful temples
  6. a. Nowadays | b. Nowsaday

1. b
2. a
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. a


Can you correct them?

IELTS Practice Puzzles, Below are some extremely common mistakes made in Writing Task 2 essays. Can you correct them?

1. In the past time
2. In the present time
3. Due to globalization, we have western products in my country.
4. There are many problems in the social
5. The traffic is very jam


1. In the ‘past’.

2. Translation – should be: ‘at present’.

3. ‘Due to’ should not go at the beginning of a sentence – should be: ‘We have western products in my country, due to globalization’.

4. ‘Social’ is an adjective – should be: ‘society’ (n).

5. ‘Jam’ or ‘traffic jam’ are nouns – here you need an adjective to describe the traffic, so it should be: ‘The traffic is very jammed’. However, that is not natural usage – probably better to say ‘The traffic is very bad’.
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Giving The Brain A Workout

Giving The Brain A Workout

Puzzles and problem solving games have been proven to strengthen and maintain mental activity.

Use your brain and it will grow – it really will. This is the message from neuropsychologist Ian Robertson, professor of psychology at Trinity College, Dublin and founding director of the university’s Institute of Neuroscience.

His book, Puzzler Brain Trainer 90-Day Workout, contains puzzles which he devised to stretch, sharpen and stimulate the brain. The puzzles, from ‘memory jogs’ to Sudoku to crosswords to number games are all-encompassing, and have been specially formulated to improve each and every part of the brain, from visual-spatial ability to perception, attention, memory, numerical agility, problem-solving and language.
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Correct or Incorrect ?

In each of the following pairs of sentences, one sentence is correct, and the other incorrect. Choose which you think is correct in each pair and then look at the answers to see if you were Correct or Incorrect :

a. The government should improve public transport.
b. Government should to improve public transports.

a. I go to shopping everyday.
b. I go shopping everyday
a. I like playing computers.
b. I like using computers.
a. I am not liking hot weather.
b. I don’t like hot weather.ANSWERS

1. a
2. b
3. b
4. b

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