IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Armed forces

Police, army are the people who make it possible for us to have a safer life. They are the ones who stay away from their deary ones to make sure that we are able to enjoy with our loved ones. This time we are listening to the BBC 6 minute English on what is an alternative to the armed forces.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.


  1. Which phrase refers to the fact that a person will leave quickly?
  2. What expression is used for giving permission for someone to ask a question or speak?Which country has the oldest gun control laws in the world?
  3. What expression means that you prevent someone from moving?
  4. What is the synonym of less intense?
  5. Which word is used to show the fact that America equips its police with guns to use them as army?
  6. What is the competition of having more weapons than other group called?
  7. When did Japan implements its gun control laws?
  8. What kind of verb is shoot off?
  1. shoot off
  2. fire away
  3. restrain
  4. de-escalate
  5. militarise
  6. arms race
  7. 1685
  8. phrasal verb


IELTS Listening Sample Question # Old Technology

Technology has changed in ways that we never thought of!! However, there are times that we forget that no matter how old the technology was it still was technology. This time therefore we are going to listen to a BBC 6 minute English audio about old technology.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What is a device with a box with turning plate to put the vinyl records into it called?
  2. Which word means you are going back to styles and fashions from the past?
  3. What is the name of the plastic that records are made of?
  4. What are the plastic cases with audio tape on reels inside them called?
  5. Which word is used for new rise in ?
  6. How many records were sold in the UK in 2014?
  7. What is thinking about past with a mixture of warm feelings and sadness called?
  8. Which one word can be used for put together?
  9. What are the disks that stored data magnetically called?
  1. record player
  2. retro
  3. Vinyl
  4. cassette tapes
  5. resurgence
  6. 1 million
  7. Nostalgia
  8. compiled
  9. floppy disk


IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Cycle

With global warming and traffic increasing all over the world, people have started using cycles like never before. Not only cycles help us in living in a beautiful world, they also allow us to have a fitter bodies. This time we are listening to a BBC 6 minute English audio that talks about cycles and how they have helped shape so many mass movements.

Listen to the audio given below and answer the questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What is the synonym of air-filled?
  2. Who invented the first air-filled cycle tyre in 1888?
  3. What bicycles did people ride before 1885?
  4. What was the first bike with pedals called?
  5. Which word describes the piece of clothing worn under a dress or skirt?
  6. What is the synonym of logical?
  7. Which word has a similar meaning to gathered in ?
  8. What word can be used instead of shock and anger?
  9. Which word is synonymous with freedom?
  10. What does shore up mean?
  11. What is the collection of genes in a particular population called?
  12. Which word describes something that starts off as an enthusiasm but does not lasts long?
  13. Name a fad that the speaker talks about.
  1. pneumatic
  2. John Boyd Dunlop
  3. boneshakers, tricycles, high-wheelers
  4. velocipede
  5. petticoat
  6. rational
  7. cinched
  8. outrage
  9. emancipation
  10. support
  11. gene pool
  12. fad
  13. Iycra wearing


IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Family history

Family is where our roots are but in present times, there has been a fuss to know the family history . This is the topic for today’s BBC 6 minutes English.

The below audio has been taken from BBC 5 minutes English.

Listen to the audio and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. Which word describes the study of family history?
  2. What is the synonym of roots?
  3. What is the meaning of the phrase, skeletons in the closet?
  4. Which word means the same as understand?
  5. What’s the name for the study of ancient handwriting?.
  6. What word describes the official count of people in a population?
  7. Which phrase describes the knowledge passed on from one generation to the next?
  8. Which word means that you are connected by a blood relationship with them?
  1. genealogy
  2. origin
  3. secrets
  4. decipher
  5. Palaeography
  6. census
  7. family lore
  8. descended from
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