IELTS Letter Sample Question # Issues in Museum


You went to a museum with an elderly friend of yours last week and found some issues in museum. However, she/he found it difficult to walk around in the museum and figure out things. Write a letter to the manager and say whom

  • did you visit the museum with?
  • what problems or inconvenience did she or he face?
  • suggest a solution that will enhance the museum experience for the elderly people.
Dear Sir/Madam,
We have had an immense pleasure in visiting your museum over the last few years. It was because of this reputation that I invited my grandfather and his friends to visit the museum.It was very obvious to me that they will love it.
However, it is quite disheartening for me to tell you that there were a couple of issues they faced.Firstly, there is no order or story to the things displayed in the museum. This made it very difficult for them to grasp the basic concept of a particular thing displayed.
Secondly, there is very little help available. My grandfather wanted to go to the toilet but could not find it and when we tried seeking out help, all we got were some confusing answers.
I believe it will be better if the items displayed in the museum have a story to tell making it easier to understand the significance of the things displayed. Even more, since the space in the museum is too large, having people to help the elderly in finding things will surely increase the visitors.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Last week I was visited by my grandparents and their friends. To make their stay comfortable, I planned an evening with them in your museum. Initially, the thought of the museum did excite them, adding to which was the reputation that your museum holds.
However, with quite a dissatisfaction, I need to tell you that the services in your museum have detoriated over the years. Firstly, there are not many things to offer in the canteen. For an elderly person, there are only two options available, tea and coffee. Things like juice or fruits or for that matter, simple things like dosa ain’t there. This makes exploring the museum very difficult for the elders.
Secondly, there are not many bits of help available. We roamed for around 20 minutes before we could actually locate the toilet in the museum.
I believe these are not major concerns for the young people. However, when looking at the perspective of the elderly, these do become big issues. Hope that you will work on them.

IELTS Letter Sample Answer # Job Application

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
You have seen an advertisement in the English newspaper for a job working in the City Museum during the holidays.
Write a letter to the director of the museum. In your letter:

  • introduce yourself
  • explain what experience and skill you already have
  • explain why you are interested in the job

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

I am writing to apply for the job in the City Museum which you advertised recently in the newspaper. I am a student at the University of Michigan and can communicate with a flare. Presently, I am in the second year studying Mathematics and I thought I will be able to assist you in the job well.

My term finishes on 3rd of July and I am free until 20 September. Last year, I worked as a tourist guide serving the tourist and showing them the places around. I would like to have the opportunity to meet people and practice my English.

Museums are one place that does excite me as they have so much to tell about the past. I have often been in your museum and am familiar with the items yo have.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,



IELTS Letter Sample Questions # Part-Time Job

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
You are going to another country for your education. While studying, you would like to do a part-time job while you are studying. For this, you need to ask a friend who lives there for some help. In your letter:

  • give details of your study plans
  • explain why you want to get a part-time job
  • suggest how your friend could help you find a job.

Write at least 150 words.

  1. First tell about the preparations for your study. What all you have done, what is left and how are you going to move ahead.
  2. Tell him or her about the part time job that you are planning. What efforts have you put in and what are you expecting from him or her

Dear Animesh,

Since the day I got selected in the Ottawa University for a four-month intermediate course on journalism, there has been so much on my plate. The course seems to be very exciting and I hope there will so much more to learn from it. However, my only concern is that the course is a bit expensive.

To assist in covering the costs of my study and other expenses, I am planning to take up a part-time job. There have been few jobs that I was searching for and have given my resumes there but I am not sure if they will accept.

I was wondering if you could ask among your friends or colleagues if someone is interested in giving a respectable job to a college student. I know you have a wide social network in Ottawa which you could canvas for me.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,



IELTS Letter Sample Answer # Friend’s Accident

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
You play in your college cricket team. Last week a member of the team met with an accident and was not able to play that week. You decide the write a letter telling him about the match.

Write a letter to you friend. In your letter: –

  • tell him which team won.
  • describe the conditions of the day
  • how you felt about the match

You should write at least 150 words.

  1. You need to express sympathy and ask the reader about his or her health.
  2. Tell the reader about the score and how you felt about the match
  3. Mention the weather conditions
  4. Finally, close the letter with good wishes.

Dear Avinash,

I was so sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you are feeling a lot better now and you have got someone to have fun with in the hospital.

The match that we had on Saturday was amazing. Initially, with a key player like you not being with us, we all lost hope but then our captain pumped us up for the game. The game began with the opponent scoring 198 in 20 overs. This was a huge score but the winds and the spirit in the dressing room, just made it up. Three of our players made a half century and we won with a closing six from the captain. For some time, we all felt like a movie was going on.

I think the weather was on batsman side. Bowlers were not getting enough swing and the pitch was also very supportive. Towards the end of the game, there was no help left for the bowlers than to simply surrender.

Let us know when you are going home and will be fit for the game. All of the team wishes you a speedy recovery.

Best wishes,



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