A Law You Think Is Good


        You should say :

what kind of law it is

when you first heard of the law

how the law is upheld

how you will alter the decision if you could


Although I believe that laws are made for the benefit of the citizens, but some of the laws out do others when it comes to advantages they provide. One such law is the helmet law which requires motor bike riders and cyclist to wear helmet. Often human is quite careless, but when a law is made and they are forced to do, they surely do. Wearing helmet has helped in reducing the deaths due to accident.

There was a report that came a few years back that the people dying of accidents have increased and the numbers were surely quite threatening. But then I heard of the law that people driving two wheeler must wear helmet. Even more a certain criteria for the helmet was made. Initially I thought may be this is also like so many laws, but I would say the way this law is enforced is incredible. Police men make sure that they catch anyone who breaks the law. Even more, the number of police men standing has increased, making it quite impossible to break the law. Even more there has been lot of awareness being created about the law, which has resulted in a decline in the number of deaths because of it.

If I had to change it a bit, I would like to bring in more awareness about it among kids and teenagers, because these days children from a very small age learn how to drive and their security much be considered.


Favorite Drink


Name your favorite drink

Tell me something about the taste

When do you drink it


My favorite drink is Coca Cola. I drink it whenever I am upset or worried or confused about something. You can say I am almost addicted to it. My fridge is always stuffed with chilled cans of coca cola. It was five years back when I saw an advertisement of it in television. I was very impressed by the message it gave. It said, one must always share their happiness. So, when I had a house party, I thought why not bring in coca cola. It is since then, that I have loved its taste, especially the chilled one.

It is easy to tell about the taste of the drink. It has a unique taste and it feels a little sweet and something different. It tastes best when it is chilled and even better when mixed with vanilla ice cream. I cannot describe the feeling and the taste, but you could get a good idea of its quality and taste, if you try it yourself.

I drink it whenever I feel a very strong emotion, it could be either happiness or sadness or love or anger. It helps me calm down in moments of distress and brings in the extra joy when I am happy. I don’t mind sharing my can with others unless I also get a bit of share. You can say I go by the ad of coca cola, sharing brings happiness.


Stage You Loved # Speaking Section


Which stage was it?

Why was it glorious?

How you enjoyed it and say what lessons you learned?


Every one passes through different types of situations in their life. It is either weal or woe, but no matter what it is, the faith to continue counts. I remember one stage in my life which was really enjoyable and full of fun for me. It was after I completed my college and was trying to figure out things for myself in terms of what should I do with my life.

This was the time, I did content writing for a company, adding content to their websites. It was complete fun because I was doing something I was very passionate about i.e. writing and was getting paid for it. Even more the blog that I had started a year back, finally started getting 500 visitors every day adding more to my income. I made new friends, met like minded people and learnt a lot about the thing I loved the most. I remember, I even got a chance of writing a script for an advertisement and go on to shooting and see how set looks like.

The entire mood of that time was great. I was in love with the work I was doing and achieving things in it and even more it taught me valuable things for my life. I learnt that once you have your heart out at something, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. It was during this time that my convictions that you must do what you love became strong. I guess this was the time that marked a new beginning for me and has helped in shaping my life, the way it is now.


Advertisement # Cue Card


Which advertisement is it?

Why do you like it?

What advertisement all about and explain what message it conveys?


Earlier advertisement were rare and had only a certain simple message. Now we have a plethora of them- and some of them are even better than TV commercials. I think TV commercials add variety to the programs because sometimes the program becomes very monotonous.

Recently, I watched a commercial of Mercedes and I just fell in love with it. It is a lovely commercial. A 6-7 years old boy  is shown packing a bag and holding a map. He is then shown moving from place to place according to the map, as if he knows the place where he wants to go. He wanders from place to place and then reaches to the show room of Mercedes. He goes to the man in the show room and says that he is lost and the man says that this is the last time I am giving you a lift to the house.

And I felt so good. I mean the boy was so innocent and then he moves here and there and then very politely says that he is lost. I fell in love with the innocence of the boy and the way the entire add was shoot it felt fantastic. There was no message said, but it was felt and I think that matters. The message that Mercedes is loved by all.


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