IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Important Thing

We all posses certain things which are important to us. It could be either a camera or a pen or may be a laptop. Something that we wish stays with us forever. It might be gift or may be something one bought after saving a lot of money. Let us today, have a look at some of the things people find important using the IELTS cue card.

Describe a thing you possess which is important to you.

You should say:

  • What it is?
  • What it can do?
  • How you use it?

and explain why it is important to you.

Sample Answer One – Laptop

There are so many things that are important for me, but I think the one thing I cannot live without is my laptop. I have got MacBook Air and have recently bought it. It is my first laptop and before buying it, initially I thought of buying a plain IBM computer. But, for some reasons, MacBook Air struck a chord with me. I just wanted to have it and started saving for it. It took me three months of saving and rigorous work routine before I could buy myself, my first laptop a MacBook Air.

The device has got 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. With such high specifications, I can do almost about anything in the computer, from blogging to writing heavy codes and then learning lot of things from the app store available. You can click photos, send documents, basically everything that one can do on a personal computer, only a bit faster and better.

I use it extensively for coding. Being a software engineer I need a laptop that is secure and is less susceptible to crashes. And MacBook air suits the bill. It is safe and my date is always secure. Even more, since it is light weight it is very easy for me to carry it with myself on the various travel trips that I take.

The reason that I love my MacBook is because it helps me get the best of both worlds. Not only can I easily blog on it, I can also code fairly well.

important things

Sample Answer Two – DSLR

The one thing that I cannot imagine my life without is my DSLR. Being a travel blogger, it is very important for me to be able to click great photographs and create nice videos. Understanding the need of DSLR in my business, I bought for myself a CANON EOS 1200 D. The camera is my best company when I have to travel.

I can click photos, create videos and then sometimes get completely lost in my world of pictures. The camera can click photographs of high clarity and the zoom level clarity is so fine that one can instantly fall in love with it.

I remember saving for two months and working vigorously before I could buy myself my first DSLR. Although, there were so many people who asked me to buy a normal digital camera and not bury myself to death for a DSLR, for some reasons my heart was at it. And when I bought it, the day was amazing.

Although it was expensive in the beginning, since I have been using it for travel blogging, the site has earned me quite well. As a result, I have been able to afford the camera and now even upgrade it to better lenses.

The reason why I love the camera so much is because it keeps me close to two loves of my life, travelling and writing. Had it not been for the camera, I can’t imagine my travel blog happening. With cash flowing in, now people do understand that things like traveling and following passion are very much practical and can be done, or rather should be done.


IELTS Cue Card # Practical Skill

Describe a practical skill that you have –

  • What is the skill?
  • How often you use it?
  • Who taught it to you?

and explain how it helps you in your daily life.

Sample Answer One

I believe that typing on a computer is the one practical skill that has helped me a lot in the career. I have chosen computer and even in the daily things that I do. My father got us a computer when we were very young and he taught us to type using our both hands. There used to be times when he would dictate me the lessons so that I could understand the lesson as well as improve my typing speed.

There were times, when I would just type for a novel or may be an article in my summer holidays. I might not be the world record holder for the fastest typing but I think I type pretty fast, with minimal errors. Being a software engineer, I think, it is really important for me to be able to type fast. I am not worried about typing the code, but as soon as the code comes to my mind, I go about and type it. This practical skill makes coding all the more fun. Even more, being a freelance blogger, there are times when I have to juggle between both my jobs. It is because of my typing speed that I am able to put down more articles giving me room for some relaxation.

I can definitely say, that typing is that one thing that has actually helped in my life, be it in the IT field or the freelancing thing. It is because of a good typing speed that I am not frustrated over the wrong stuff that gets put up in the computer, the only thing that I need to worry is my work.

Sample Answer Two
We are living in digital world and the one thing I believe has truly helped in leading life is my knowledge of the office suite. So, be it Macintosh or Windows, I am pretty good at the office suite of Microsoft. There are times when I need to prepare presentation on certain things and then days when I need to prepare some other kinds of documents. When that happens, it never is a big deal for me.

I remember my father got us a computer when we were young and my mother was doing a course on Computer Science, so she was learning things like Unix, Powerpoint, Word, C, C++ and out of other languages she taught us very well how to make presentations and documents. So, at the age of 10 or 12 I could make pretty good presentations and that with time has improved.

I think it has truly been very helpful, taken in consideration my career in a software company where you need to make presentations or edit some documents every now and then. Having the skills to make presentations has allowed me to make formal presentations right from the start of my career. It has even helped me get lot of opportunities which might have been skipped other wise.



IELTS Cue Card # Important Skill

We all are born with certain skill sets. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to skills that can be asked in the cue card section of IELTS speaking .

Describe a skill which is important to you.

You should say:

  • What is it?
  • How difficult it is to learn?
  • How can one learn it?

and explain why this is important to you.

Sample Answer One

There are so many skills that are very important for a person to succeed in life. I believe in today’s world, the one skill set that is very important is communication skill. We are living in a century, where it is all about presenting your ideas, your thoughts and your decisions well. It is all about marketing. So, you might have a great product but fail in communication, leading to an entire failure.

Improving on communication skills is not very difficult however I would say it is very time consuming. You cannot improve your communication skills in just a day or may be a month. It sometimes takes more than four months, sometimes years and for some it is more or less life time learning.

The only way a person can improve on the communication skills is by communicating with lot of people. That requires breaking from the barriers of what the other person might think and more than that it requires lot of practice as well. So, you need to go talk to yourself in the mirror and then may be record yourself and judge yourself. Even more, you need to listen to the great speakers and how they interacted. There is so much that has to be done. From the internal practice that goes on daily, interacting with others and then not losing hope. Improving communication skills is more of a habit than a skill that can be just improved by giving only a certain time to it.

The reason I believe it is the most important skill is because we all have become digitalized, we all don’t have much of time and to grasp anyone’s attention you have got just five minutes and in those five minutes, the ones who are able to attract attention, are the ones who get heard.

important skill

Sample Answer Two

The world has drastically changed and the skills which were considered the most important have now lost their importance. And in this shift of skills the one skill that has emerged to be the most important is the ability to use computers well.

With the coming of internet and social media, anyone who wants a job as basic as a receptionist needs to know how to use computers. Because, everything is being stored in the computers and retrieved from it. Gone are the days of register entries, we are in the times when every individual is having a smart phone and they are using it for various works.

Although, there is a certain skepticism in the minds of people regarding the use of computers. I believe the basic use of it can be learnt very easily. So, may be in a month a person can very well type documents, make average presentations and use Internet. This is the most basic and important requirements and can be learnt easily. However, to be able to use computers more effectively, it comes with time. So, the more often you use computers, the better it is.

The one way a person can learn a computer is by using a computer. It is so easy, everything is there in front of you and you have to start experimenting with it. One can also learn computers from a coaching or may be through a friend but I am still of the opinion that the best way to learn computers is by using it. So, one should buy a computer and start using it and exploring it.

The reason I am emphasizing on learning computers is because they make our life very easy and bring along with them lot of opportunities. if one needs to get a good job or even if perform the daily activities easily, computers have become an essential thing for us.


IELTS Cue Card # Admire

Describe a person, much older than you, whom you admire:
You should say –

  • Who the person is?
  • How you know the person?
  • How this person has influenced you?
  • Why you admire this person?
Sample Answer – One

It has been a pleasure to be able to meet so many great people around. Right from work to school to the place where I live. There have been people who have been successful in the eyes of others and then the ones who were right for themselves. But, the one person who I admire is Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Although, I have never met him in person, but I know about him from the books and documentaries made on him.

There is something about Steve Jobs that is so amazing that one could just be spell bound by him. From his story to the way he talks and the attitude that he carries, it is almost amazing. And the one thing that I really like about him is that was a born fighter. He never gave up and it is so amazing.

Anyone else in his shoes, would have easily quit when he was kicked out of his company but getting kicked out of his company did not stopped Steve Jobs, he went out and tried his fortune in other ventures and ultimately came back to Apple and then brought back Apple to what it is now. A company we look forward to. A company with principles that are so inspiring. He in so many ways has taught our generation how to lead life.

Sample Answer – Two

There have been several people who have influenced me in so many ways. But, the one person I think who actually brought about a change in the way I think is my father. There is nothing particular as to why I admire him but there are so many things that make me fond of him.

I have never seen a man more hardworking and selfless than him. He would go out and do things right and that is what he has taught us. Starting from a broken family to unfaithful relationships to broken trust to so much more. Being born in a poor family and then rising to do what he has actually done, I think it is truly amazing. There are others like Bill Gates, Sachin Bansal and Indira Nooyi who people think to be successful and yes they are but sometimes I believe had my father also got the right environment, where people would have pushed him forward rather than backward, he might also have had a bungalow near the beach.

But, inspite of that, in spite of the fact that his family has always been against him and there have so many struggles, the one thing that I love and admire about my father is that he has always been very positive. Positive about the things around him, about his life and his future which I believe is truly amazing.



There are so many people we come across, so many of them from whom we learn things and then there are people whom we admire. In today’s cue card, talk about someone who you admire.

You can spend 2-3 minutes figuring out the points that you are going to say. Once you are ready, go on and hit the target. While practicing make sure that you don’t give up on the first attempt, you need to try as many times as you can, record it and then evaluate yourself. Make sure your last attempt is the your best one.

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