IELTS Cue Card # Adventurous Person

There surely are some people who we meet in our lives, who are adventurous. The ones we look at and feel amazed. Let us today have a look at a cue card related to an adventurous person that might be asked in IELTS cue card.

Describe an adventurous person who you know.

You should say:

  • who the person is
  • how you know this person
  • what this person does that is adventurous

and explain why you think this person likes to take risks.

adventurous person


I have a friend whom I met in one of the trekking trips that I took to Rishikesh. We were part of the same team and so were most of the times having fun together. It was there that I came to know about how he left his 9 to 5 job, to do what he loves the most, travelling.

Arjun, my friend is a traveler and travels to new places and visits all the extreme locations. So, he has been to Ladakh, Rajisthan, Rishikesh and has done almost all the adventurous sports. But, what fascinated me more about him, apart from these adventurous sports is the fact that he had imbibed in him the feeling of adventure. He believed that it is not just about doing those exciting things which we find exciting but adventure is just moving a bit away from the comfort zone.

And it is in this way that you can actually live your life in the most exciting way. Meeting him then and over a period of time, I realized that in some way he was not just adventurous but a person who lived every moment of the life as the largest one. So, when everyone went to the pool for swimming, he went to oceans. When everyone was busy watching movies, he was creating stories. For him it was never adventure and in some way he made me realized it as well, it is about giving everything to this one moment.


I think the most adventurous person I have ever known has to be my brother. It was in the last year of his Bachelors that he realized his flair for travelling. When everyone was looking for jobs, he decided to travel. Earning some money through freelancing he started travelling. It was in those travels that he picked up day jobs, to let him survive and let the journey going.

It was after one long year that I met him and the stories that he told were amazing. He went hitch hiking from Dehradun to Kanyakumari, taking with him an initial amount of only 1000 rupees. So, there were times when he took lifts, did jobs to let him earn some money and mixed with local people. In the entire journey he was able to learn the basic language for almost 5 languages and can now very well interact with us using those language. He made friends and there are people he goes to meet even now.

When I asked if he did any adventurous sports, he replied saying he did lived an adventurous life. And this was something that did strike me.

Knowing absolutely nothing about what can happen the next moment and then having the faith that everything will work out fine is something that he has learnt from this trip. Although he has taken up a job, but the adventure in him is still alive, the reason why he takes trips every six months.

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IELTS Speaking Latest Cue Card# Lesiure Activity

The latest cue card is here and we are talking about lesiure activity that you enjoy doing.

Describe a lesiure activity you like doing.
You should say:

  • Where you do it?
  • Who you do it with?
  • Why you enjoy it?
  • And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why?
Sample Answer:

Today, I’m going to talk about an activity I enjoy doing in my leisure time. It may sound strange but I love watching Bollywood movies. On Sundays, I invite my close friends to my home for a high tea and all of us watch a film together. It is not always a latest movie. Sometimes, we prefer to see old blockbusters which ruled the hearts of millions of Indians in the seventies.
The main reason why I find this activity fun is that I work six days a week, Monday to Saturday. I hardly get time to meet my friends on weekdays. So, this plan acts as a perfect stress buster for all of us. It not only brings us together but also enables us to share our feelings and problems.
Since most of us lead a busy and stressful life these days, we should make sure that we have some time for our family members and friends. I believe that the communication over social networking sites is very different from face-to-face interaction. Online communication is affecting the way we interact with people and the type of relationships we make. It is also killing our ability to build strong relationships with people. Anyone who wants to bring a positive change in their life should try a cup of tea and an entertaining film with your loved ones. I reckon it will do wonders.


IELTS Cue Card # Apology

There are so many times that we make mistakes and so few times that we actually apologize. In this cue card, we are going to talk about a time when someone came to you to apologize and how you felt about it.

Free Latest IELTS Cue Card with Sample Answer
Describe a time when someone apologized to you.

You should say:

  • who apologized to you
  • why they apologized
  • where it happened

and explain how you felt (or what you said) after this person apologized.


I am a very high tempered person, so it is mostly me who goes about say things and has to apologize for it. There was this one such fight that I had with my friend and asked him to just get lost. I do realized that I was very rude this time and went to him to apologize and he simply asked me to forget about the friendship. It was truly a shock for me and for next few days I tried to convince him about my action but it seemed to me that he had a valid point. I am too an extent an idiot in that sense.

So, we just stopped talking. But, after few days of not talking, he came back and apologized for his words. He said that he felt bad and was tired of our frequent fights and the entire frustration went out on that day. I remember feeling really good because it simply meant that we would be able to talk again and have the fun that we used to have.

After his apologies, I did told him that I agree with his point, of me being hyperactive and there are certain things that I need to change in my characteristics. With that apology, a new level of understanding arrived in both of us, making him the best of my friends I ever made in my life.


When it comes to confronting what I feel, I am a very shy person. So, whenever there is something that I really don’t like or get hurt by it, I tend to keep quiet about it and let the relation roll as it was. However, in most cases it so happens that I end up losing the relation.

But, I remember having a friend with whom I had a relation of enemy friend. So, we used to fight a lot, irritate each other, insult each other and then there were times when things got really bad. As usual I never said anything, but with time, started distancing from him. I think he was the first person to realize the distance and came to me to talk about it. So, there was no intention of apology but a deep desire to keep the friendship alive.

We talked and told the issues that we both had been feeling. So, it was not only me who was hurt but he as well. We sorted out our issues and had some really good years together. Although, now he is miles apart from me, but there are times when we talk to each other and revive the lovely time that we spend together.


IELTS Cue Card # Television


Describe a television program that you like to watch.You should say:

  • what program it is?
  • what the program is about?
  • How often you watch it?

and explain why you like watching this program.

Sample Answer One

Television has been my favorite time pass for a very long time. There have been so many shows that I have loved but the one which in some ways has stuck to my personality is ‘Dill Mill Gaye’. This was a romantic comedy that aired when I was in class VIII and have watched the entire show for the next two years.

The show was about doctors who fall in love and then struggle in between their personal and professional lives. It was, I believe and ultimate depiction of what love is in this century. With so many priorities around us, so much of ego, misunderstanding and failures, to be able to keep the love and friendship alive is of a big question and this is what happened in Dill Mill Gaye.

I remember having watched the show twice everyday. The first time when it used to be actually aired and then the next time when it was repeated. The reason I loved watching is too an extent unknown to me. The only thing that I can say is that I loved when the two main leads who were in love, fought with each other. The fact that they could just say about anything to the other person, yet knowing that the other person will always be theirs, the confidence that they had in their love,the madness. Too an extent, yes these were the things that I really loved and has defined what love is for me.

IELTS Band 7 TV Cue Card

Sample Answer Two

Television has been an integral part of our lives. There have been many shows that I have watched on television, however, now I prefer watching But, the one show that I really loved was Sherlock Holmes. The show is about a detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson who go on to solve the tough mysteries which the police is not able to solve and then some which come directly to him.

I think rarely would there be a person who would not love the way Sherlock Holmes just solves the case. The way he just looks into the minute details and leave doctor watson in ultimate shock.

It is truly amazing. Right from the start of the episode one could just sit down wondering as to what might be the scenario this time. How will the events unfurl this time . What new places is Sherlock Holmes going to take us and what else is he going to show us. The mind comes to a reason to certain things and then the quick response from Sherlock Holmes leaves us baffled at the possibilities.

I have almost all episodes of its seasons and watch them whenever I feel lonely or upset or bored or anytime. There is no specific reason to watch Sherlock Holmes in action.

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