IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Earthquakes

Earthquakes are a kind of natural disaster that destroys livelihoods more than any other form of natural disaster does. Not that the impact of the others is not high, but the frequency of earthquakes in recent times has been so high, that it has impacted livelihoods and business like no other. This time let us have a look at some questions that could be asked related to a calamity in the Section II of the speaking section in IELTS.

Describe a natural calamity that you fear. You should say:

  • what it is and why do you fear it
  • how long it has existed
  • how it affects people’s lives

and explain how you think the damage can be reduced.


The one calamity that truly shakes me up is Earthquake. The reason I really am afraid of Earthquakes is that they cause more destruction and are often responsible for causing other forms of natural calamities. For instance, landslides and then tsunamis. Earthquakes, if not take away lives, do cause some building to fall. Often these are the life time savings of an individual. Even more, it has been observed that Earthquakes often come at times when nothing much could be done. Like, during night, when everyone is sleeping. Most people do not even feel the tremors until they die.

Earthquakes have been part of our history since Earth was made. They were responsible for shaking things up and changing our lands. Earthquakes surely bring about lot of changes. Not only do they cause deaths and tremors, often times they shatter people’s dream. For example, the 2001 Earthquake of Gujarat, not only caused loss of life, but there were many who had just built a home, or had bought a shop. People lost almost everything in it.

The only way we can fight back Earthquakes is by building homes and shops that are strong enough to handle Earthquakes. Also, there should be better analysis of Earthquake done to ensure that people know about it before hand and could take preventive measures.




The one natural calamity that I dread is Earthquake. The mere sight of losing everything that you have, not only the ones you love, but your dreams, shakes me up. Recently, while watching a video on Earthquake I saw a person half body under a stone and he was crying. The scene was so painful that I felt bad for the entire day. Even more, Earthquakes happen so fast and change things in way that one can never imagine.

Earthquakes not only affect lives primarily but are also responsible for causing other natural calamities, like Tsunami and landslides. On top of it, they have become so frequent that it seem as if some part of the Earth is always shaking up. As far as I know, Earthquakes are the reason Earth and all our lives came into existence and they have been part of us since Earth came into being.

The only way we can fight back Earthquake is by making sure that our walls are strong enough to endure it. Not only of our home but of our office and any place that we go. It is often our negligence to make safer places, that makes the impact of Earthquake worse. Also, proper analysis must be done for the Earthquake and if there is a chance of it, people should be made aware about it through news channels or any other medium of mass communication.


IETLS Cue Card # Open-Air Market

Describe an open-air market which you enjoyed visiting.
You should say:
• where the market is
• what the market sells
• how big the market is
And explain why you enjoyed visiting this market.

open market Cue Card IELTS Band7

open market Cue Card IELTS Band7

Sample Answer:

In this fast-paced world where more and more people are turning to online shopping, open-air markets seem to have lost their popularity. But, I come from a small town in which such markets are still quite popular. Today, I am going to talk about a well-known bazaar that I loved visiting.
It is called Sunday Market. Every weekend local shopkeepers set up their stalls in a huge ground that covers an area of about 4 square kilometers, making it one of the biggest open-air markets in my state, Punjab. This place has a lot to offer to shoppers. The main items sold in the market include traditional seasonal clothes, shoes, utensils, bed sheets, duvets and blankets etc. Some stalls sell fresh fruits, pulses, spices, herbs and vegetables as well.
I visited this market last year. I felt that it was a great place to shop at. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming there. Not only the products were of high quality but their prices were very reasonable too. There was plenty of space for people to walk and shop. This matters a lot in my country because some markets can be overcrowded at times, making it almost impossible to move.
Normally, buyers in open-air markets don’t have the privilege to return any purchased items, but to my surprise, shopkeepers were encouraging people to buy what they wanted and return it later if there was a problem. The best thing about this market was that the facilities such as toilets and car-parking were well-maintained. All in all, this market had everything which customers require. (263 Words)

IELTS Band 7 Dehradun
323,GMS Road, Above Axis Bank,
Near Ballupur Chowk, Dehradun , India – 248001
Note-:Sunday Off
Website- :
phone icon08439000086, 08439000087, 07055710002,

IELTS Cue Card # Ways To Relax

There is so much work that we all do but when it is all work and no play we surely get tired easily. Most of the people, hence figure out a way to relax a bit. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about ways a person can relax.

Describe a way to relax that you find effective.

You should say:

  • what you do
  • where & when you usually do this
  • who you usually do it with

and explain why this is relaxing for you.

Sample Answer One

I really like taking short breaks while I am working. So, after having worked for almost like an hour, I would go out of my seat and walk a little bit here and there, drink water and just completely close my eyes for some time and be proud of myself for the work that I have done for an hour.

I do it almost for everything. So, it could be while I am playing or working or for that matter while I am studying. It is very important for me because I believe that having a ten minutes break in every hour, not only allows me to push myself harder, it also helps me not to get drained by the kind of work that I do.

I am a software engineer and doing the relaxing thing makes me more committed and focused towards the work. Although, people go out and relax with their friends, I prefer doing this activity alone, so I have no one to talk to and can completely feel good about peace and silence and just go back to work with new mind.

The reason it works for me is because, I am not that sort of a person who can work a lot. But, then I have got dreams which I need to get fulfilled. This every hour break makes me feel as if I am having my quality time and I am able to relax a bit here and there. This allows me not to be exhausted or over whelmed by the work that I do.

ways to relax

Sample Answer Two

I love relaxing after a tiring day but for me the best way to relax is by playing badminton. So, every day after I have finished my work I go out to play badminton with my friends. It is almost exciting and relaxing because to be able to play the game well it is very important for me to forget about whatever has happened in the entire day and focus on what is happening at the present.

This exercise not only makes me good because it is a kind of physical activity but also refreshes because there is so much of mental activity involved in it. And then I with my friends take up those silly competitions, like who is going to win, how long can we play and things like where to hit the target. It is amazing and makes me feel good and prepared for the other day.

Also, when I am playing, it makes me feel as if I am having both, work life balance which helps me go out and do my work in a better way. Because, after the work I know that I do have time for myself and I can enjoy with my friends.

The reason I love it is because apart from just whiling away my time, I am actually doing a physical and a mental activity and it helps me to be able to remain fit and work better.


IELTS Cue Card # Important Letter

There are so many times when instead of choosing a direct face to face conversation, we choose letter or emails to express ourselves. Some of them are the

Describe an important letter you wrote to someone.

You should say:

  • When you wrote it
  • Whom you wrote it to
  • What it was about

And explain why it was an important letter.

Sample Answer One

There have been many letters that I have written which too an extent have shaped my life but I remember writing a letter to a friend I drifted apart after some misunderstandings. For a very long time, I wanted to know the reasons behind the things that happened in between us and why we tried to do the things that we did.
It was almost frustrating and annoying and after three years I gathered all the courage and wrote to him.

I told him about how I felt about our relation and what irritated me and how I felt after it all was over. The entire journey of three years, I penned it down, hoping for some explanation on his behalf as to why he did what he did. But, for my shock or surprise, he simply told me that he has forgotten everything and even if something had happen in the past, it is all over and there is no specific reason behind it.

I was shattered in the beginning because I truly had to think a lot before I could just pen down everything and instead of giving me any explanation he simply sided away. The reason the letter was very important for me because I could finally move on with my life and there were so many things that I learnt. One of them being that there is no point being silent in a relation and then you have to make sure that the first person to respect you and love you is you and you are responsible for whatever happens to you.

I believe had I not written the letter, I wont have ever gathered the will power to move on with my life and make something good out of it.

important letter

Sample Answer Two

There have been so many letters that I have written in my life, both at personal and professional level. But, the one letter that I regard as truly important for me and the one which actually helped me shape my career is my resignation letter.

I remember working for a multi national company for about a year and it was during that time that I realized that this job is not giving me any fun and excitement to live about. There is a fixed salary that I get and there is nothing much more than that. No targets to meet and nothing exciting.

There is no work pressure and the feeling of getting things done, because you are working as a team and it is more about collective, so neither the praise nor the punishment comes to individual and I think in some ways it takes away the individuality from the person.

The reason the letter is very important for me is because I had to think lot of times and it was after I had written around 3 resignation letters that I finally decided that I want to do something else with my life. It was a great experience in that company but what was great was to be able to end the journey at the right time. So, I had to fight with my friends and family and the people who care for me the most and then do something that is best for me.

It was after that letter that I realized that I do have lot of courage and can do whatever I want to in my life.


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