IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Salary Difference

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.



There are certain jobs that pay more while others that pay less even though the amount of effort remains the same.





You should write at least 250 words.


Money is one factor that plays a very important role when choosing a job. But, there are even some who choose a job because of the passion they have for doing it. However, one cannot change the way a person chooses a job, there have been voices raised that certain set of jobs are given more priority than others, even though the amount of effort is done is equal.

The money a person gets in exchange for the work that they do, in present times depends on how much it impacts the economy of a country. So, for example, a businessman is more likely to earn more than for instance a superstar. Because a company that is succeeding is likely to help the government in solving issues.

Likewise, a housewife is not paid at all whereas someone who is working 12 hours in an IT industry is more likely to get more than 4 lacs per annum. In my opinion, there are certain issues that need to be taken care of because the government believes that they are doing more for the economy of the country.

However, in my opinion, people with better skill sets should be given more salary it should be taken care that the others who are doing work, maybe not directly affecting an economy, should get satisfactory income.

Overall, salary is surely directly proportional to kind of skill sets an individual has and the kind of work he or she does. But, it should be made sure that everyone gets at least a minimum satisfactory income.


  1. Someone who has more knowledge can achieve more in the same time or even more with the same effort than someone who is not very skilled.
  2. Certain jobs like business and sports especially cricket are very famous and do give more money. With sports ,it should be made sure that every sportsman gets equal treatment in the country, but for jobs like the business and acting there cannot be very much of comparison because the former surely requires more responsibility.
  3. Salary an individual gets is dependent on the kind of money the work he or she does gives back to the government. If the share is more they are more likely to earn more.
  4. Often money earned is taken as the only factor when deciding the salary. However, jobs like teachers that may not directly impact the economy make sure that the economy rises in future. If the country does not have good teachers it is more likely to fall down.
  5. Even more, jobs like housewife are not considered much as they should be. Because it is only when a woman decides to be a housewife that a man is able to go out and work properly and the children are able to get the best of education.
  6. Salary is dependent on the popularity of work that a person does, so it is more like fame. Like, Virat Kohli is more likely to earn better off than many of the national award winners because of the kind of sport that he plays.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Space Exploration

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Space exploration is very expensive and the money should be spent on other more important things.
Give your opinion in this essay.


Space exploration requires the best of technology, technicians and lot of effort, making it one of the most expensive things that human beings collectively do. Although, some people are of the opinion, that the money spent on space exploration should be saved and spent on other essential things required, I tend to differ.

Technology is the one thing that makes our lives easier and most of technology that we are using in present time is a result of space research. Like, satellite technology on which we depend for broadcasting and weather forecasting. Without satellites, it would not be possible to give warnings of an approaching storm! Even more, space research has also led to the development of lightweight materials that offer us heat protection and enable food preservation.

Environment destruction has begun and it has grasped the attention of the entire human race. No matter how far we have reached, we are dependent on our nature. Some believe that if in near future Earth diminishes or breaks down, we humans should have a place to live.

Overall, it cannot be denied that we are facing enormous issues on our planet, from poverty to wars to health issues, but in my opinion space research is one aspect that allows us to look towards our future. Spending entire money only on space research might make us broke, but completely avoiding it might just lead us no where.

Space Exploration


When an examiner checks your answer, there are few things that he or she mainly marks you on. They are-

1. Task Response

The introduction should perfectly paraphrase the question and give a clear opinion of the writer. This opinion needs to be supported in the body of the essay. You need to give concrete examples and ensure that the conclusion restate the writer’s opinion.

2. Coherence and Cohesion

The model answer should contain clearly divided paragraphs and their should be a perfect link between the different paragraphs.

3. Lexical Paraphrase

You need to make sure that the key concept is paraphrased several times. So, if the question is on computers, don’t use computers every time, you can find out other words to express the same thing. This is how your vocabulary is checked in the writing section.

4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Make sure that the answer is free from any grammatical errors. It should be a perfect balance of simple and complex sentences. You can use different voices, verbs and other grammatical devices such as conditional modals.

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IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Computer Or Teachers

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Computers have spread across different areas of our lives and it is possible that soon there will be only computers and no teachers.





Invention of computers has surely affected the education industry and changed the way teaching and learning is done. They have made the search for information easier and amusing. Not only the information is easily accessible, it is even widely spread out. Crossing the barriers of poverty, distance and language. In today’s time anyone with a computer and internet can access information and learn at their own pace.

The invention of computers and then internet and finally popular search engines like Google, has allowed universities to give away the knowledge much easier. So, one can find video lectures from universities like Harvard, Princeton online. Not only this, with wide spectrum of data present about a particular topic, it become easier to grasp the in depth knowledge about a particular topic. Even more, there are videos on topics like Mahabharata, Math, Science, which makes learning fun.

However, one cannot deny the importance of a teacher in a student’s life. A teacher not only teaches the subject but also deals with the issues of the children in their daily lives, directly or indirectly. A teacher is a person who can help a child to not only expand the knowledge base but also understand life better and make proper decisions,which surely a computer cannot do.

Overall, computers have surely transformed the education industry and things have become much more easier with computers in hand, but the importance of a teacher cannot be understated and they shall be present for a very long time in the education industry.

Computer Or Teachers


No doubt that education and the learning process have been tranformed since the introduction of computers. Not only have they made the search for information easier and amusing, with the invention of search engines and internet, data is available and accessible almost everywhere. Though expert systems have made computers human-like, they have yet not become a substitute for human interaction in the learning process. In my opinion, there can be an expected change in the role teachers will play in the education industry in some years, but their are bleak chances of disappearance.

Acquiring knowledge is much more fun and easy with computers and no one can deny this fact. THe mere activity of touching and exploring a computer fills the life of a child with lot of thrill and excitement. Even more, the software interactivity is way ahead of plainly reading the text written on books. At higher level, the availability of digital books, online video tutorials and academic materials provides the student with an every accessible source of information.

However,  the need of human interaction in the learning process will always be present, at least in the foreseeable future. A human is very well versed in finding out the individual needs of a person and help a child shape into a brilliant human being. The expertise of a teacher is not only to make explain the complex concepts but also to share with them experiences that help in the overall development.

With computers becoming more common, it has come down for teachers to be more aware of their roles and ensure that chidren are able to use the technology in a better way. Overall, teachers play a very important role in the classroom, especially  at primary level. No matter how complex the system becomes, there is no way that it can replace the beauty of teaching with human interaction.


Woman pay and promotion # IELTS WRITING TASK 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

In spite of many advances women have made in education and employment, they continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay and promotion. In your view, what should be done to promote equality of opportunity for men and women in the workplace?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.
Write at least 250 words.


In many regions of the world, women have achieved a social status which is on a par with that of men. Definitely, the credit for this progress goes to their sincere efforts in acquiring the highest educational qualifications and professional skills. Nevertheless, females continue to experience gender discrimination and lack of promotion in workplaces.
Some experts may argue that this issue is never likely to be solved as men’s feeling of being superior than women will always prevail in society. Therefore, this problem can only be minimized and never completely erased. But, in my view, we just have not worked and analyzed the problem enough to claim defeat.
A possible approach would be for the government to compel organizations to follow two rules. Firstly, equal salaries must be paid to all employees for equivalent work. Secondly, the percentage of promoted employees should be equal for both genders. At the same time, regular checkups should be conducted on all tax paying companies to ensure that the measures are strictly followed. This approach appears quite promising. However, the problem is that it would take too long to execute. It can also be seen as an overly excessive measure. Not to mention that big companies could easily fake the data.
A more feasible approach would be for the governments to take the lead and ensure that no discrimination takes place on any of its own grounds. In all government organizations, women must be treated properly and their work must be recognized accordingly. This policy would be more realistic as it would enable the government to grab the problem by is roots instead of trying to yank its stem out along with the roots. In addition, these steps would establish equal payment as an unspoken norm. They would also make the government an ideal role model for other private companies. In fact, countries such as Sweden and Iceland have proven the effectiveness of such measures.
To sum up, it is most likely true that the situation will improve with time but that should not stop us from putting a little more effort so as to solve it quickly or put it to rest once and for all.



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