Money Matters

a degree is not enough, you need money as well.

Do you want a degree from abroad universities to boast about it? Or do you want a career out of it? Because if you just want to swagger, pick any university blindly. But if you want a job, then just don’t settle to a tag of the abroad university.
We often think that a degree from foreign college is enough to get a job. But the fact is nothing is ever enough. So what should you do if you want a reputable job? Well, apart from the hard work do a little smart work as well.

  1. CHOOSE WELL-: You know there are times when a particular course has no job opportunities or very few of it. What to do then? Well, figure out the various courses offered and go for those which have some probability of getting a job.
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You Are One Of A Kind

take decisions.

I hope you have figured out the best college for you. “The one” college that makes you feel special. But then is finding “the perfect” college enough? I will say, you can always have the perfect icing on your cake. So don’t stop there. The icing for your career is the “teachers”.
Does that mean you can appoint teachers you love in your college? NO! Something’s are just good only in dreams of the closed eyes. But then you can always be sure if the college has ace teachers. HOW?
Well, it is easy enough.

1.EXPERIENCE MATTERS-: Go check how much experience the faculties of your chosen college have. The more and better their experience, the brighter and higher your career.
2.PLUS ONE FOR PRACTICALS-: Life is not theoretical, it is practical. Figure out if your faculties have hands on experience. Because if that is the case, the path to getting high scores on the completion of the course is a “smooth walk”.

Don’t assume these to be trivial matters. It is all connected to you, and the most important thing for you, “you career”. Don’t wait and check out your chosen college for the above parameters. Once you are finished with this, come back and I shall tell you, what next to do.

Be Special

Be Special

Do you think every college in abroad gives you the same career as you wish for yourself? Well, if yes, then it is not like that! You may always be general and go to the best college or you can be special and join a college specific to you. “The one” that fits you the best and takes you to the zenith of success.
HOW DO YOU GET IT? Well do the following and figure it out-:
1. Make A Detailed Study-: Your career depends on the choice of college. So, just don’t join a college because your friends/ family says it is good. Do your own research. Visit the college website and check out the various courses they are offering. Now make a detailed study of the program you are opting for.
2. Value Matters-: Once you have decided on the course figure out the value of its certificate. It might be possible that the course done from one college is more prestigious than the same course done from the other college.
Once you have done this, visit the website again and I shall tell you what next to do.

Increase Your Band

Do you want to increase your band? Do you want to study in the world best university? I know you must have nodded your head both the times. We all want a 7+ band in IELTS. We all want to live our dreams. But then how can someone with English not as their mother tongue get it?
It is easy. Just go for this-:
1. Do one English activity everyday. Be it, watching an English film, or listening to an English song, or have a conversation in English or read something in English. Anything that ticks you.
2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Make mistakes, learn the crap out of them. Just learn why you made it and what is the best answer to it.
3. Join some online English community. For e.g. gap fillers
4. It is not about how much you practice today, but how much you do everyday. So, do little but do often.

Remember, consistency plays a very important role in success. I don’t care about what you do this day or that do, I am bothered about what you do everyday. Because that is the one thing that will affect your life.

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