Cut The Cackle # Idioms For IELTS

If you want to get a high score in IELTS, you need to learn to cut the cackle.

The whole caboodle-:
Sentence-:One terrorist attack and the world starts to question the whole caboodle of Asians.
Meaning-:The whole lot
Cut the cackle-:
Sentence-:You need to cut the cackle when writing essay in IELTS.
Meaning-:Stop talking aimlessly and come to the point
Have a cadenza-:
Sentence-:The Indians had a cadenza when India lost the world cup semi final.
Meaning-:Be extremely agitated
Caesar’s wife-:
Sentence-:Relationships truly work if you treat the other person as Caesar’s wife.
Meaning-:A person who is required to be above suspicion.
In cahoots-:
Sentence-:The terrorist work in cahoots.
Meaning-:Working or conspiring together often dishonestly; in collusion
At the drop of the hat
Sentence-: She can do those tough bike stunts at the drop of the hat.
Meaning-: very easily and without much preparation
On its last legs
Sentence-: His grandfather is on his last legs.
Meaning-: in a very bad condition and will not last long
Old flames die hard
Sentence-: I was wrong when I said old flames die hard, times heals everything.
Meaning-: it is hard to forget old things
Round the houses
Sentence-: He is used to going round the houses.
Meaning-: to do something in an inefficient way when there is a better way to do it.
Paper over the cracks
Sentence-: I don’t like people with the habit of putting paper over the cracks.
Meaning-: to hide something


Saying No To Friends

You cannot always say a yes to your friend or your family members. There are times when you need to turn down there offer. What happens when you do this? Are you effective doing this? Many of us are faced with the dilemma of saying no to friends. This is also because often people think that if you say a no to them, it means that you dislike them. This is not exactly what you feel or what you want to portray. So, you end up saying yes.

The other problem with saying a no is that it is quite a negative word. It could be possible that you end up losing the relationship if you say a lot of no. what to do then? Say a yes with a no. what do I mean? Let us understand this by an example.

Your friend asks you to come to the dinner party on 1st January. You don’t want to go there. perhaps because you have your own plans. How to say a no? you can say.
I am really thankful, it was so thoughtful of you. but I have got some other plans.
The benefit of saying this way is you actually accept there gratitude. So, it would be rare that they feel offensive about it. Also, it is important that you give the true reason. Honesty matters a lot.

So, be truthful, show some gratitude, say a no, and still be friends.

Saying No To Boss

You cannot always say a yes and this is a fact. Saying yes to everyone could lead to a big no for you. Although you can say a direct no to people you do not care about, it often becomes difficult to say a no, especially if the person is your boss. This problem becomes more severe if you are a non-native speaker and you just landed yourself a job in abroad.


What to do if you want to say a no to your boss? Can you say it? There is always a dilemma. What if? What if I get fired? What if the boss sees me as a lazy chap? What then? Well, you can always say a no. but surely, you cannot say it directly. For example-:

Your boss asks you to do a particular job and you already have a job that is pretty much important. What to do?
You can say, sure I can do this. But then I wont be able to do the earlier job assigned to me. Now, tell me which job you want me to do?
It might seem simple but it is quite effective. Why effective? First because you give the other person a sense that they still have the power. After all they are the ones making the choice. Second, you never said a no. your first reaction was a yes. so, this will surely not bring a negative impact on your conversation. Third, you save yourself from the burden.

You are not a machine rather a human. You can say a no but you should know how to say it.

Yes And No

The only way to succeed in life is to stop being a yes and no and start becoming affirmative in your decision.

Sentence-:You can always rely on her, she goes out of her way to ensure the work gets done.
Meaning-: make a special effort to do something
Sentence-: No matter how old you are you must always try to wear well.
Meaning-: Remain young-looking
Sentence-: You need to keep a weather eye on the activities of the terrorist group.
Meaning-: observe a situation very carefully, especially for developments
Sentence-: You have just made a heavy weather of a simple task.
Meaning-: have unnecessary difficulty in dealing with task or problem
Sentence-: I am under the weather these days.
Meaning-: slightly unwell
Sentence-: the whole seller shops sell items by the yard.
Meaning-: in large number or quantities
Sentence-: i have got the whole day, you can spin the yarn.
Meaning-: tell a story, especially a long and complicated one.
Sentence-: The new aging cream promises to put years on me.
Meaning-: make someone feel or look older
Sentence-: the politicians always try to save themselves by answering with the yes and no.
Meaning-: partly and partly not
Sentence-: when we all thought that amitabh is now a yesterday’s man, he came back and showed he is still better than the present.
Meaning-: a person especially a politician whose career is finished or past its peak.


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