Idioms For May 20

Idioms are such that if you don’t practice them everyday, you are losing more than you gain. So, to ensure that you gain everyday and get a high band in IELTS, lets have a look at idioms for may 20.

If studying abroad ticks you, say a thumbs up to ieltsband7. Read on and figure out what I mean.

Thumbs up
Sentence-: when I asked her about her result, she said thumbs up.
Meaning-: an indication of satisfaction or approval
Under someone’s thumb
Sentence-: He is completely under her thumb.
Meaning-: completely under someone’s influence
What makes someone tick
Sentence-: life is lot more meaningful if you know what ticks you.
Meaning-: what motivates someone.
Be tickets
Sentence-: the dance performance was the ticket to the show.
Meaning-: be the end
Have tickets on yourself
Sentence-: people who have tickets on themselves, if are not humble, irritate others.
Meaning-: be excessively vain or proud of yourself
Spin your wheels
Sentence-: Stop spinning your wheel, and start doing something better.
Meaning-: to waste your time
The wheel of fortune
Sentence-: I don’t know how it happened, may be the wheel of fortune was pointing at me.
Meaning-: The wheel of luck which is assumed to come to you randomly
Wheels within wheels
Sentence-: It might just look simple but trust me it has wheels within wheels.
Meaning-: to indicate that a situation is complicated and affected by other influences
Whip The Cat
Sentence-: You are not responsible for it, stop whipping the cat.
Meaning-: be sorry or moan
Whips Of
Sentence-: I have whips of pens, if you want them you take from me.
Meaning-: large quantity


Socialization @ USA

The world is on Internet and so is USA. Once you start indulging in the college life, you will understand that practically everyone is on Internet, emails are the most common and cheap way of communicating, and mostly people prefer using it. Internet is something that will be made available to you, once you enter the college.
Now here is the trick. Although you need to be present on Internet, it does not mean you need to be present only there. you have gone to USA to study and to socialize, to know there culture. Meet new people, understand how things happen around.

Socialization is the most important thing about study abroad. You meet new people, some of them, don’t turn out to be your type, with other you feel as if in home, but then you understand the difference between acquaintances and friends. You learn how to live with different personalities. Schools and colleges at America focus a lot on socialization. They want people to interact with each other, share ideas, create things and enjoy. Most importantly they make sure you develop the “people skills”.

So, yes, there are lot many things to do in USA, you could interact with people using Internet as well. but then remember, this is something you can even do while studying in your home town. Internet is omnipresent these days. When you really are present there, make sure to make real life conversations more, and yet don’t get out of Internet completely. Balance is the key.


What Abroad Teaches!

Most of us think that studying abroad will be a change for us. Sometimes we wonder after all What abroad teaches ? We will get to meet new people, learn about new culture and do this and then that. Although everybody has plans and too an extent this is exactly what happens when you study abroad. But there is more to it.

The most important thing is that you start respecting people. It is when you get out of your comfort zone you realize what wonders people around the world are doing. Some are inventing new things, others are writing great, some are fantastic artist and some so nice human beings. The experience teaches you that no matter how much you have achieved, there is always going to be someone who has done something more, or may be something in a better way. It makes you more humble.

Your horizons are broadened. This is one of those things that studying in abroad actually helps you in. you start looking at things from different points of view and hence help you to making better decisions. Rather being judgmental you become more of patient with people. You start understanding people.

More importantly you understand that life is meant to be lived. You are not here to compete with anybody but rather make your own space. And this you don’t do by competing. Just like flowers, they never compete with the other flower, they just blossom.


Safety In Abroad

The most important thing that a country provides you is safety. We always feel safe at our home or our home country. Study abroad could be a challenge for many because safety in abroad is your responsibility. Your parents won’t be there to feed you or tell you what to do and what not to. Although this is a challenge, abroad study actually helps you with this experience. Once you are done with facing the challenge you become better version of you.

But still, how to ensure safety in a foreign land?
Well there could be many for an individual but some of the most general tips to ensure safety are-:

  1. Learn the emergency contact numbers of the country you will be living. You could even save it on your phone. But it is better you learn them.
  2. Health is important. Make sure before you leave for the country, visit a travel clinic, 2-3 months before you leave.
  3. There are things you are never certain of. Have a emergency evacuation insurance done. So that if there is a war or a calamity in the country and you need to evacuate, you are saved from the financial losses.

Danger is everywhere. you can never be sure of your safety. But make sure to make attempts, such that if the danger arrives you are prepared to deal with it.


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