World Beyond

Are you one of those for whom abroad means UK, USA or AUSTRALIA? Are you one of those who either want to study in these countries or just don’t want to study? Well, if you are one of those then get out of those traditional notions. We are in 21st century and the world has now become a global village.
Surely these countries have some good colleges but then all the good colleges are not present here. There are countries like Russia, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada and Ireland that have great colleges and universities. Some countries are even cheaper than the UK, USA.

  1. It is not important where the world is going, but it is important to choose a path so that you can make a better world for yourself.
  2. If you just follow what others are doing you may end up becoming their copy cats. So be original.
  3. The world doesn’t comprise of just two countries. There are many others having great colleges.

So figure out the courses and universities in other countries as well. Choose what best suits you because it is easy to be a sheep but takes “YOU “to be a lion.

Don’t Stop Dreaming


Are you stopping yourself from a career that is meant for you? A career that may take you to the apex of success. Is the reason money? Maybe you are afraid of the money the courses cost for such a career. If you have nodded your head to all the above questions, then there is a deal for you.
You might be wondering what deal? Well, the deal is that some European countries offer free courses. So before planning to study abroad do -:

  1. Check the universities that offer free courses.
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Money Matters

a degree is not enough, you need money as well.

Do you want a degree from abroad universities to boast about it? Or do you want a career out of it? Because if you just want to swagger, pick any university blindly. But if you want a job, then just don’t settle to a tag of the abroad university.
We often think that a degree from foreign college is enough to get a job. But the fact is nothing is ever enough. So what should you do if you want a reputable job? Well, apart from the hard work do a little smart work as well.

  1. CHOOSE WELL-: You know there are times when a particular course has no job opportunities or very few of it. What to do then? Well, figure out the various courses offered and go for those which have some probability of getting a job.
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You Are One Of A Kind

take decisions.

I hope you have figured out the best college for you. “The one” college that makes you feel special. But then is finding “the perfect” college enough? I will say, you can always have the perfect icing on your cake. So don’t stop there. The icing for your career is the “teachers”.
Does that mean you can appoint teachers you love in your college? NO! Something’s are just good only in dreams of the closed eyes. But then you can always be sure if the college has ace teachers. HOW?
Well, it is easy enough.

1.EXPERIENCE MATTERS-: Go check how much experience the faculties of your chosen college have. The more and better their experience, the brighter and higher your career.
2.PLUS ONE FOR PRACTICALS-: Life is not theoretical, it is practical. Figure out if your faculties have hands on experience. Because if that is the case, the path to getting high scores on the completion of the course is a “smooth walk”.

Don’t assume these to be trivial matters. It is all connected to you, and the most important thing for you, “you career”. Don’t wait and check out your chosen college for the above parameters. Once you are finished with this, come back and I shall tell you, what next to do.

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