IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Traditional Subjects

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.


Schools are spending more time teaching traditional subjects such as history. Some people think they should rather spend more time in teaching skills that can help students find a job.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write at least 250 words.


Schools are considered to be the place where a child learns how to complete a syllabus and grasp the theory about practicals he or she will be doing as part of job. Some people are of the opinion that instead of making children cram the theory they must be given industrial training in school. In my opinion, I disagree on giving more importance to job specific training than theoritical knowledge.

Firstly, school is a place where a child develops his or her overall personality. Subjects like history, English help in understanding the world better. For example, a person who has learnt about the world war II will surely be better able to understand the present world scenario. Even more, often the work that we do is an amalgamation of lot of jobs put together. For instance, in IT it is not just about computer coding but also about communication skills.

Secondly, every industry is always changing and evolving. Getting a hold of how the industry works can limit the person in a box or a way of doing things. It is only when one knows the theory right and does faces the real life problems he or she develops a new way of dealing with things. In addition, there always comes a time when an individual becomes the master. Not having slightest of knowledge of other domains can make one’s career stagnant.

Overall, in my opinion, schools are where the students learn not just the subjects but importance of things like hard work, patience, relationships, time management. These are things one can learn when they have a broader knowledge base to get a grasp. Limiting one to a certain industry can make an individual stagnant in later phases of life.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Startups

You should spend 40 minutes on this topic.

Write about the following topic :

These days, almost every individual wants to own a startup.


Many believe that this is the best time to live in while others are afraid of its repercussions.


Give your opinion.

You must write at least 250 words.


A generation ago, people worked hard to get a respectable job in their hometown and settle with their parents. With globalisation  making its way to our homes, people explored new areas in search of better opportunities. However, we have now shifted towards an era where people want to work for themselves. I completely disagree with this idea.

Firstly, it should never be about following an idea of someone else. So, if an X person got successful after opening their own company, it does not necessarily guarantee you success as well. Even more, every individual has their own unique talents and one should always work on their strengths. For example : if Sachin Tendulkar thought about opening a company of cricket equipment we could have had the best company for cricket equipages but surely not the God of cricket.

Secondly, a market is best run when their is a balance of individual goals. If everyone started having their startups we would be left with few who would run it, resulting in lot of failures. Thirdly, starting a company demands time and patience with no guarantee of success. If in a society every individual starts struggling, the society in large will suffer on quality of life.

In conclusion, although it is common belief that the net worth of a person is the best parameter of success, I believe every one must pick the juggle that fits best in their puzzle of their life.


IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Ban On Gum


The audio below has been taken from BBC 6 minutes learning English. The audio talks about gums and should their be ban on gum.

You can download the audio from the link –


Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS.

  1. The speaker uses a word to describe something that is annoying to other people. Which word is it?
  2. When did the Singapore government outlaw chewing gum?
  3. The speaker uses a phrase to refer to something illegal.What is it?
  4. Which material gum did Ancient Greek chewed?
  5. The speaker uses a word to refer to people who are friendlier and easier to talk. Which word is it?
  6. Which word is used as a synonym of getting rid of ?
  7. What word describes the condition when one thing joins firmly with the other?
  8. Which word describes something that requires lot of people to do it ?
  9. The phrase that has been used to refer to things that are very similar is ?
  10. What is the synonym of break down?
  11. What is the small round ball of something that has become hard called?


  1. anti-social
  2. 1992
  3. to outlaw
  4. resin
  5. approachable
  6. dispose
  7. chemical bond
  8. labor intensive
  9. two of a kind
  10. degrades
  11. pellet



IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Computer Game


The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes English. It talks about computer game.

You can download the audio from the below link –


Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

  1. Which word describes the situation when you are not able to stop something?
  2. In America, what percentage of people who play computer games are female?
  3. When you create your own characters, which word describes the situation?
  4. What is the synonym of imaginary world?
  5. The speaker uses a phrase to describe something that does not suits a person’s taste or abilities. What phrase is it?
  6. What are the games where you need to do lot of shooting called?
  7. The speaker uses a word to describe something that is unlikely to hurt or upset anyone. What word is it?
  8. Which word is used to describe the fact that a person is not able to decide?
  9. What is the meaning of for hours on end?
  10. Which word describes that something is very open and in a direct way?
  11. What is the act of someone or something sexual called?
  12. Which word describes that something is not right for a particular situation ?
  13. Which phrase is used to define other groups of people such as friends, relatives and teachers?


  1. Addicted
  2. 48%
  3. role playing
  4. fantasy
  5. up my alley
  6. shoot-’em up
  7. harmless
  8. torn
  9. long time
  10. explicit content
  11. sexualisation
  12. inappropriate
  13. wider community


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