IELTS Speaking Latest Question # Favourite Advertisement

Here is latest cue card question November 2016. IELTS Band8 level answer

Describe an advertisement that you really like. You should say:

  • which company advertisement is it?
  • what is it about?
  • why do you like it?

also, explain your opinion on advertisement industry.



Watching advertisements is my favorite time pass and I really get fascinated by the way they tell a complete story in just a few seconds.

This time it is an advertisement by Apple for the new MacBook Pro that has left me amazed. The ad begins with the burst of bulbs and for the next one minute, you see the entire evolution of human race and the bursting of bulbs happening. Both of these things happen in parallel so one gets curious as to what is the person trying to speak.

They take us right from the fire age to the internet and automation. So, when the last bulb burst, you see this black screen. On it is written, the machine where ideas are invented and you see the MacBook. Spellbinding and striking both at the same time. The reason that I really liked it is because they are not trying to see you something, they are just trying to say they are the best. Things like these motivate people and create a deep connect.

Advertisement industry in my opinion surely plays an important role in the sales of the product. With the social media booming and impacting lives, there is no doubt that it is not just about the product anymore. You surely can have a good one but if you don’t present it well, it is all gone!


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Holidays

Holidays are the time when people move from their regular work and meet friends and family or possibly travel. This time we are looking at some questions that can be asked in the IELTS speaking section.

What do you usually do in your holiday?

I live faraway from my hometown so whenever it is time for holidays, mostly I just go back home and and have a get-together with my family and friends to celebrate holidays. But there are times I travel to broaden my horizons or do some soul searching or sometimes just to write in a picturesque landscape.

Who do you usually spend your holidays with?

Things have changed over a span of time. Earlier, during vacations we would visit our grandparents and other members of the clan. But, with changing times and the hectic work schedule, I just get time to meet my parents and friends during holidays. Also, it depends on the kind of holiday. So, for festivals I prefer going back home, but for long weekends I prefer travelling alone.

Do you prefer travelling alone or in a group?

I’d say travelling is fun, be it with a group or single. But, then for me, it depends a lot on the location as well. So, I prefer my gang for a beach party at Goa but then if I have to go to Almora or Kasauli I prefer being alone.

Are holidays important to you?

Holidays are the perfect time for thinking over it all over again after a year of doing so much. I think holidays come as a time when you can relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones and plan ahead for the upcoming year. So, yes, definitely holidays are essential.

If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Out of all the places in the world, I would love to go to Uttarakhand, my home state. I want to know about the place and its history and meet people. I have lived there for 6 years and have even travelled to many other places. But, the beauty, diversity and love that one can get in Uttarakhhand, its difficult to find it anywhere.


IELTS Essay Sample Answer # Subsidised Memberships

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some employers offer their employees subsidised membership of sports and gym. Some people believe that this is an effective way of improving your productivity, while others are of the opinion that there is no benefit in doing so.

Discuss both views.

You should write at least 250 words.


Every company across the world wants the best of the employees to be working for it. Although, some take it for granted, there are many business empires that make sure that their employees work productively.

On one hand, if the workers are stress free and more jolly their working time will be more efficient leading to higher levels of output and service. Companies that offer sports and gym membership are more likely to have a staff that balances work life quite well. This can be more motivating than pay increments, perks or financial rewards.

Conversely, it is not guaranteed that such perks could help employees perform better. For instance, not necessarily employees will avail these services. Even more, it is easier to quantify the target related approaches. Example, it is simpler to find if a job training worked out or not. But, for health of employees and its relation with productivity is hard to find.

Overall, the health related subsidies surely are attractive but they do lack the measurability factor. Spending more funds in training the employees in newer domains seems to be a better use of HR budget.


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Festival

Festivals are the most important part of the society. It is during this time that people forget almost everything and come together to celebrate life. Each country has its own different festivals, and we celebrate so many of the festivals all around the world. This time let us have a look at some of the questions related festivals that can be asked in the section III of the IELTS speaking section.

What is the most important festival in our country?

India is a very diverse country. We have got more festivals than any part of the world. So, in North, there are festivals like Diwali,Holi,Dusshera that are very important. And then, we have east, where Durga Puja and Bihu are very important. Down the south we have Onam and Pongal that are celebrated with lot of zest. In the west, we have kite festival. It is so amazing, that going across from one part of the other in our country, we can experience all the diversity.

How do people celebrate festivals in your country?

Festivals are truly the time when people do come back home and celebrate with their family and friends. People dress up according to the occasion and cook delicacies, invite friends and have a family time. Almost all festival in our country start with a puja, i.e. prayers to God after which the gatherings take place.

What special food are associated with festivals in your country?

Each festival has its own food. In Pongal, on the first day rice is eaten with fried chickpea patties, known as vada and the next day people eat Venpongal. In Holi, people drink bhang which is an alcoholic drink made with rosewater and dried fruits. Sweet dumplings filled with khoya and dried fruits called gujjias are served as a dessert. In durga puja, bhog is given on every day of the puja and then during diwali people celebrate it with sweets. There are so many more festivals and so much more that people actually do.

Which festival do you enjoy the most?

I love Holi the most. This is the festival where people color each other and forget about any clashes and enjoy with each other. Friends come together and dance and throw colored water at each other and it is fun!! Later eating the gujiya is amazing.

Do you think festivals are important for the society?

I think definitely yes, festivals are surely  the binding force for the society. In lives of people who are truly dissatisfied, festivals bring in the hope of something good and something new. Most people forget their issues and come together to celebrate a festival. Even more, with prayers being associated with each of the festivals, they bring about so much positivity in life.


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